An ISO 9001 Certified facility ensures all personnel follow VPW’s quality and document control procedures


Proactive measures taken to ensure all staff recognizes, identifies, and follows health regulations


An OSHA compliant facility with strictly enforced safety rules and regulations


Inform, train, and instruct all staff to follow environmentally friendly procedures and practices.

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • During this time, the safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our highest priority. We are closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak as well as health and safety guidelines from government agencies and public health officials.
  • Maintains full compliance with all U.S. health and safety rules and regulations for precision machining, including compliance with OSHA requirements
  • VPW knows and understands that the management is first and foremost responsible for the safety of each employee working at VPW
  • We take proactive measures to make each employee recognize, identify and follow all health and safety regulations for themselves and their coworkers.
  • VPW assesses any risk and implements a plan of action to mitigate any potential harm.
  • Follows a firm and scheduled process to inform, train and instruct employees for the prevention of accidents in the work area.
  • VPW conducts an annual self-review of all policy and procedures not only to remain compliant but to improve VPW standards and objectives.
  • Tools and equipment are fully calibrated and remain up-to-date year-round.
  • VPW provides customer satisfaction from the moment we accept an order to the moment it is received by treating each order with appropriate care and responsibility
  • VPW strictly enforces the MNDA –for mutual protection
  • Our parts are manufactured and inspected
  • PPE is required in the warehouse
  • Include pictures of finished parts, QC Department, Eye Wash Station, etc